Our Process

Our Process Of Creating Concrete PiecesThe process:

  1. We invite you to visit our showroom as a first step in this creative process, located in the heart of Bethlehem PA on 403 West Union Boulevard; it’s the largest in the state. We strongly suggest coming in as it really shows the endless design options you have when choosing concrete. Because the design and style options are truly endless, it is helpful to see firsthand the potential of concrete and what you’re aesthetically drawn to. Also, it is beneficial for us to meet you, get an idea for your overall project & make sure every detail of your personal style is infused throughout your project.
  2. Once you make a selection, we will quote your project based on the dimensions & different design elements. We can generate a quote for a countertop or sink based off of measurements provided by you, your architect, or designer & we are happy to visit your home to measure ourselves if needed. If you are working on a floor project, it is best our professionals come take a look at the site first, so we can make recommendations and see what kind of prep has to be done before we get to work.
  3. A smaller concrete sample is then made in your color selection at this stage. The sample typically takes 5-7 days to fabricate. It is important to keep in mind that the actual finished product will vary slightly from the sample given the nature of concrete.
  4. Upon your approval of the sample, we will set up a templating date (for countertops & sinks) and send over your contract. Please note we require a 30% deposit to begin working on your project, as well as the signed contract that details color and style selections.
  5. It is best to have the countertop removed for us to template. However, if removing it is not an option, be aware that the final countertop may be off a bit and a slightly larger gap between seams is possible.
  6. After templating, countertops & sinks take roughly 3-4 weeks to complete. Once we seal, we will be able to set up an installation date.
  7. Upon installation of your countertops/sinks/floors, we will require the remainder of the payment. For countertops & sinks, installation includes only that, not the hook up for the sink or any other plumbing.