Concrete Floors in a Nutshell: Environmentally Friendly, Eye Catching & Easy to Maintain!

Break free from the constraints that you could have wrapped around concrete in your mind. What you once may have thought of as just material for driveways & sidewalks has become one of the most stylish choices amongst homeowners &designers for indoor flooring! The styling options for concrete floors are just as vast as concrete countertops… from finish to stain to overlays & textures, the options are endless.  The durability factor is inevitable, but it’s the beauty that sometimes shocks people & even deems it unrecognizable.

Generally speaking, there are two types of concrete floors. The first is an existing concrete floor.  This is obviously already in your home, but can be enhanced with decorative treatments like staining or polishing.

The second would be a decorative overlay, which can be installed over certain existing hard-surfaces to offer a completely new look or camouflage any damage that may have occurred on your floor.

The color options for both are endless & depending on the look and feel you want to achieve there are many surface options available as well.  It’s good to consider the motif of the surrounding area when choosing what kind of surface you may want. If it is a glamorous bathroom for instance, maybe a polished look would work well. If it’s a kitchen with a more Mediterranean feel, a stamped look would be a beautiful choice.

Concrete is easy on the eyes, but it’s also extremely good for the Earth! Unlike some alternatives, concrete is 100% recyclable & does not deplete natural resources.  It actually requires less energy, as the surfaces of concrete floors absorb heat, which cuts down your energy bill. Concrete keeps more than your wallet safe; it’s also good for indoor air quality as it inhibits mold, mildew, odors, & doesn’t contain potentially harmful chemicals.

The rooms we recommend concrete flooring in are those that get the most wear and tear! Those are: kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and entryways. Why? Because concrete is extremely durable and can withstand the traffic these rooms see on a daily basis with minimal upkeep. Virtually stain proof, concrete makes for the perfect choice if you have little ones or four legged family members running around! Pet messes, spills, odors & not to mention fires are no match for concrete. With proper care, refraining from using abrasive cleaners, & resealing the surface as needed, a sleek concrete floor will last a very long time!

Concrete really makes it hard to consider alternative flooring options (pun intended) It’s customizable quality, durability & contemporary look has made it number one on the flooring renovation charts.