Inject Your Style Into Your Kitchen Countertop… It Needs A Facelift!

concrete countertop with built in sinkAs open concept living sky rockets in popularity, the steaks are raised in trying to keep your kitchen as stylish, transcending, and cohesive as possible while still remaining effortlessly chic and functional. Weather you take on the role of master chef or master foodie, guest or host, short order cook or mom; the kitchen is where you are likely going to be spending most of your time. You want to eliminate any “coulda, woulda, shoulda” results when plotting your makeover and stick to the large areas that are going to really transcend the look of the room.

According to a National Kitchen and Bath Association survey, about 94 million linear feet of countertops were installed in homes in 2002, with 58 million (62%) going into kitchen remodels. And the amount spent on countertops ranks second, just below cabinets, in the kitchen remodeling budgets of U.S. homeowners. Now we know what’s on the top of everyone’s remodel list!

Countertops really tie your whole kitchen motif together. More and more people are choosing concrete vs some of the other “passé” options that have become the standard. Amongst the crop of some of the more ordinary countertop options, concrete is the clear standout & latest coveted trend in kitchen interiors… and for good reason!

Here’s why concrete is now the coveted facelift for tired countertops:

DISTINCTION: These highly engineered pieces are created by skilled artisans to achieve a perfect fit & finish for your needs. You are essentially working with an artist who is creating a custom piece of art for your home.

STYLE: Since there are so many options when using concrete, homeowners get to participate in the creative process & help create something completely personalized & one of a kind. The options are truly endless from adding sparkling glass to your counter, adorning it with imprints, adding natural stone or using different methods to create a textured look, it is such an expression of personal style.

CUSTOM: Nothing about a concrete countertop is “cookie cutter” every single piece is custom made & inherently unique. Each concrete countertop is hand-cast

ECOFRIENDLY: It fits right into a “green lifestyle”

DURABLE: Concrete is the product of mixing strength & beauty. Rest assured the craftsmanship that went into creating your one of a kind piece will assure a very long lifespan if properly cared for.

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