Why do people choose concrete countertops?
Concrete countertops appeal to people who want something unique, hand-crafted and personalized! Unlike other textiles, concrete countertops are custom made for each client which allows complete personalization on your end in terms of color, finish, size, shape and edge detail. Concrete countertops have become the newest high end amenity in kitchens; turning basic surfaces into sleek art. Concrete also has a very natural, organic look and texture, rather than a synthetic, manufactured appearance which is refreshing. All of this combined with the endless color and style options makes concrete a simple choice.
What are the benefits of choosing a concrete countertop or sink?
The distinction that concrete offers sets it apart from other textiles. Not only are the colors and design elements endless, you can also add built-ins, such as: trivets, drain boards, towel racks, cutting boards & more. A lot of clients also like to embed style elements such as crushed mirror, glass, shells, stones, metals & other inlays to enhance the look of their piece. Our artisans are just that, artists who love incorporating the clients style into every one of a kind piece with these kinds of elements.
How do I clean and maintain my concrete countertop?
Easily! As long as your concrete countertop is properly sealed, it should be as easy to clean as a laminated countertop surface. As a general rule avoid using abrasive soaps or cleaners. For regular cleaning, manufacturers recommend the use of mild, non-ammoniated, and non-abrasive soaps that will not damage your countertop. Dish soap and water works fine! If you need further cleaning, you can use Interstar’s concrete counter cleaner. Warm water combined with a neutral pH cleanser can also be used. Again, avoid bleach or ammonia as they may degrade the sealer prematurely. We recommend applying Cheng countertop wax to help extend the life of the sealer. Resealing depends on your use. We carry both the cleaner & wax in our store on 403 West Union Blvd. in Bethlehem & are happy to fill orders via phone and ship no charge!
What about my outside concrete countertop?
If your counter is outside, we recommend covering when not in use, as you would your grill or BBQ.
Anything I should avoid putting on my counter?
Other than the abrasive cleaners discussed previously, you should avoid placing hot pans, hot plate, and other hot cook wear on your concrete countertop. The heat can gradually but permanently damage the sealer. Also, remember that knives can cut through & create weak spots on the sealer. So, make sure to avoid cutting directly on the surface. Lastly, keep in mind that tape of any kind may affect the finish of your countertop.
How do I clean and maintain my concrete floors?
We can work with you to develop a specialized maintenance plan that keeps your brilliant shine year after year. Contact us @ 610-867-4100 and request our floor care guide today.
Is concrete stain resistant?
The sealer & wax will protect the surface, but you should be sure to clean food or liquid spills (other than water) as soon as possible. Spills that are left standing on the surface for a long time can stain your concrete permanently.
Will concrete crack?
Concrete countertops can develop minor hairline cracks, but they are usually nonstructural in nature & result from the natural shrinkage of the concrete. We can prevent most cracks by strengthening the concrete using various reinforcement methods. While hairline cracks may still occur, no matter what reinforcing method is used, they often add character to the countertop and won’t detract from the appearance
How long do concrete countertops last?
Concrete countertops are very unlikely to ever need replacement & will serve you extremely well for decades both functionally and aesthetically. Under normal use, your concrete countertop will often last the life of your home. This not only conserves materials and eliminates waste; it saves you the expense and hassle of ripping out worn, outdated countertops.
Will I have visible grout lines or seams in my counter?
Larger concrete countertops will have seems, but the appearance can be drastically minimized with the use of color matched filler.
What is the average cost per square foot?
Concrete countertops are no more expensive than granite or marble countertops. Cost will vary based on the custom design and style elements you may choose, but the average cost is about $70-$120 per square foot.
Do you make custom concrete furniture as well?
Yes! We create custom dining tables, accent tables, outdoor patio tables, wine racks & more. We also make concrete fountains, fire pits, garden benches & children’s tables. Everything is designed and made in our studio in Bethlehem, PA & tailored to your lifestyle.